Design your own phone cover

Design your own phone cover

EGOsketch, Show your EGO!

Why let the manufacturer decide how your gadgets look like? You're the one who uses them! We from EGOsketch think it's time for a change. If you want to use a Hardcase or a Sleeve, you decide how it looks. Protect your phone or tablet with a product from EGOsketch and your device has a unique look, just like you.

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If you're proud of your design, share it on Instagram! Use our special hashtag #ShowyourEGO to show everyone what you made and inspire others to be just as creative!

Custom iPhone 6 cases

Have a look at our range of iPhone 6 cases. How about a personalized wallet case with cardholder? Or maybe a hardcase with your own design?

Design your own iPhone 6 products

New in Store

Custom made for every model

Handmade Sleeve for your tablet

Design your own Sleeve for your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or other tablet and we make it for you within two workdays!

Custom made tablet Sleeves

Shipped within one day!

Customized hardcases for your Smartphone

Special 3D printed hardcases for your smartphone, extremely high quality printed and still affordable.

Design your own hardcase

Luxurious fabrics for complete protection

MacBook Sleeves with your own print

Protect your precious MacBook with your own design, printed on a high quality Sleeve. Handmade and shipped within two workdays.

Design your own MacBook Sleeve