Designer tips

Nice, you want to design a phone case! Making a case is not complicated. Nevertheless, things go wrong, from a blurry photo to a design that does not fit. That's why we want to give you a hand. Check our tips below and design a case without problems. 

Make sure your entire case is printed

Important when creating your own phone case: Cover the entire case with your image. If you leave the edges, your case will look less beautiful. How it works? Click with your left mouse button on the two arrows at the bottom right of the photo, hold down your mouse and move the mouse down.

                     Maak je eigen telefoonhoesje                    



Beware of the camera hole

A family photo on your self-designed case? A selfie of you and your friend? Whichever photo you choose, make sure that no head falls away behind the camera hole. Keep a sufficient distance from the hole, so that you can be sure that everyone is fully on the case. 

                     Ontwerp een telefoonhoesje met foto, illustratie of tekst

Use sharp photos

Your biggest nightmare: a case full of pixels. Design a case and make sure your photo or artwork is big enough. Do you want to know what resolution you need? For each product we mention the size of the surface to be printed. We always print in 300 dpi. Handy: in the design tool you automatically receive a notification if the resolution is too low.

                    Een telefoonhoesje maken met eigen foto